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Krishna Sundarram


  • Writing helps me think (and stop thinking)

    How writing helps them organize my thoughts and ideas, and encourages personal growth and evolution.
  • Quitting Twitter

    I share my reasons for quitting the platform after only a few months, because of a lack of engagement, pervasive anger, and the platform's potential to warp people's perspectives.
  • Understanding my privilege

    I reflect on their privilege and how it impacted their education.
  • Software isn't bloated

    Software today is no more worse than it was in the 80s or 90s.
  • Underusing the NHS

    A personal reflection on the author's experiences with the UK's National Health Service (NHS) and the challenges of overusing and underusing healthcare.
  • Rust 2021: Lower the barriers

    Rust's success is guaranteed on a long enough timescale, but lowering the barrier to entry by making it easier to learn is crucial for its adoption rate.
  • Modelling a Wealth Tax Correctly

    This article examines the accuracy of modelling a wealth tax and critiques Paul Graham's argument against it.
  • Factorio and Software Engineering

    How playing the game Factorio reminds me of software engineering, from managing complexity to teamwork and automation
  • Why bother arguing?

    The article discusses the influence of network science on how we form opinions and argues the importance of speaking out against harmful ideas.
  • Discriminating against left handers

    This article discusses the importance of proportional representation and the effects of discrimination in different fields.