Krishna Sundarram

Rust in 2024

Rust in 2024

I saw a few posts by Niko Matsakis and others that inspired this.

and a couple of older posts

Without exception, all of these people know a lot more than me. They’ve worked on massive Rust codebases, and in some cases shepherded the development of critical Rust infrastructure (rustc, rust-analyzer). What they say is more relevant and a better guide to the future than what I say, because they are making it.

That said, I can freely say a bunch of shit with no consequences. Just for my personal satisfaction. I can read these predictions in a couple of years and see how much I got right. On a broad level I expect some progress to be made in each of these areas, but no problem will be completely eliminated. Most progress in most fields is incremental, so it’s not surprising.

I’ll start with the problems pointed out by matklad

Areas/use cases where Rust can improve

Misc predictions


I’ve made 21 predictions, of which 2 are “I don’t know”. Let’s see how I do. Let’s check in middle of 2024.