Krishna Sundarram

Books I read in 2019

Books I read in 2019

Exceptional books

Other good books



Books I didn’t like

I read 4 other books that I didn’t like as much. I usually don’t mention them because I don’t like criticising books for being poor. I’ll make an exception for one of them - Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. This has been lauded universally for being an excellent book. I read it and found some factual errors. Later I come across articles that criticise Walker’s dishonesty in presenting experimental data (one, two). I fear people could read this book, become anxious that they’re not sleeping enough, and that anxiety could make them sleep worse. If you haven’t read this book, skip it.


Overall I started the year with 20 odd books on my reading list. I read 22 books in 2019. I ended the year with about 20 books on my reading list. The road goes ever on. 🙂